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Letting the Bakers Down a 2nd Time

September 2, 2008

This weekend, I had a project. An official assignment. It was simple, really: bake a batch of chocolate eclairs, make up a little story about it, and post it here for the Daring Bakers team to read. Instead, I did this:

1. celebrated a possible food writing gig by getting tipsy in the sunshine with a friend. Who could say no to a shivery-cold margarita, on a patio, on a Friday, on a day off, on the last long weekend of summer? Not I. Who could say no to two? Also not I.

2. celebrated some more (after a nice nap), with wine and prosecco and snacks and good friends on a front porch in a new home on a gorgeous street, while summer rain poured down and made the trees and grass smell so green.

3. slept it off a little.

4. enjoyed French pastries and cheese and a perfect latté in the sunshine, on my balcony, then a bicycle ride to the market for more wine, cheese, shellfish to grill, and gelato to devour.

5. fell asleep long before the Saturday night party ended, curled in my chair like a little bean. Meanwhile, the boys arm-wrestled themselves into exhaustion, then they, too, turned in for the night.

6. Sunday! Summer carnival! More sunshine, and rides (one nearly made me ralf up the fries and other wretched things I had eaten, but I remained strong, clutched my companion’s arm, and stared at his belly until the ordeal was over and we returned to solid ground), and sunshine, and food, and sunshine, and horses and marching bands, and sunshine, and ughhhhh.

7. attempted to swim on a 30 degree day, only to discover that Toronto public pools closed like clockwork Sunday evening, not to open again until next year. Sigh. We sat astride our bicycles and stared through the fence at the cool, blue water, and for a moment, I thought “eclairs” and just as quickly, the thought was gone.

8. radioed a girlfriend by walkie talkie to join the Disappointed Swim Team on my balcony with pina colada supplies, and toasted the last Official Summer Sunset garnished with pineapple wedges and tiny paper umbrellas. Half a pitcher of coconut milk and mashed fruit spilled itself across the table, ran down my shin and between my bare toes. Clearly, it was time to add some dinner to those rounds of cocktails.

And so, I arrived at Monday evening, and not an eclair in sight, nor did I so much as lift a finger to try and complete my assignment. A terrible attitude for “back to school” season, but technically one is expected to behave excessively, cramming all the fun and fun and fun possible into the waning days of summertime…technically, I am supposed to be a Daring Baker Deadbeat…until September, when the days grow shorter and the evenings cooler, and turning on the oven in my kitchen no longer heats the place like a towering inferno.

My apologies, ladies! I promise to be a better baker this month.

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  1. Cakespy permalink
    September 3, 2008 6:17 pm

    I don’t know, I had a lot of fun hearing about how you spent your non-eclair-baking time!!! 🙂

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