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Look–It’s a Rainbow!

October 6, 2008

As you can see, today the whole foot situation is ten times more disgusting. We’ve got some nice yellow creeping over the arch and up the toes, along with purples, browns, and a rosy-red sprawl toward the inner ankle. If only there were someone I could blame, but alas, I was not pushed into that streetcar track, I fell of my own accord.

To my credit, the flask in my handbag was 9/10ths full, and I’d taken only a tipple or two as I cycled around town with a friend (whom, I might add, was swilling vigorously from her flask of “chocolate milk”). So, I might’ve been careless, but at least I wasn’t reckless!

On second thought, those nice heels I wore at the office today seem to have squished a nice t-strap impression over the bridge of my foot…ok then, I admit it…a little bit reckless. Sprained ankles + fancy shoes just doesn’t mix.

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