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A Tiny Bit of Housekeeping

November 16, 2008

1. Mini Slinky – dug from the back of a kitchen cabinet this morning while I searched for cardamom pods to grind, behind three jars of jam. A bit dusty and stiff, but still slinks like new.

2. Barba-Lala – drawn from Bill’s pocket on my 19th birthday and presented to me with a bow, to this day, still proudly displayed on my bookshelf.

3. Weeble – hangs out in a cup in the bathroom, for no special reason. Looked at every day until it simply faded into the landscape. If you turn it around, you’ll see there are tiny pockets on its backside, like it’s wearing little Weeble pants.

4. Tiny playing cards, two decks – purchased from a market in Munich, impractical to shuffle and impossible to fan your hand, if you were determined, you could play a nice round of Fish or Old Maid.

5. A-Team van – no, there is no miniature Mr T inside, but that would be pretty great, wouldn’t it?

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  1. looka permalink
    November 18, 2008 1:24 pm

    Those housefriends look like good company!

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