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February 14, 2009

This is my friend Mary’s timely song. The video features another friend dancing. The dancing friend I know less-well. I’ve never met the black dog at all, though he looks quite friendly and polite.

This morning I attended yoga class, shushed dank air out, sucked fresh breath in. Booked an appointment for a massage–a professional who’ll squeeze me like a toothpaste tube, wringing out the last dollop of ick.

I am a romantic, usually I swoon over Valentine’s Day and pooh-pooh friends who gripe that it’s a fake holiday created to sell candy and cards. Usually, I tell those cynics to get over themselves and just accept that flowers and chocolates and fancy dinners and kisses are fun. This time, my heart flops like a fish on deck, and I scoff that all those happy lovers can go choke on their fulfilled hearts.

This morning I received a single pink rose. Turned down an invitation from a nice young man because it just seemed wrong to accept. Walked with a latté and oven-hot cookie in my hands. Watched seven streetcars pass me heading eastward while none came to carry me west. Bought kale and lemons, sausage and a blue silk shirt.

Tonight, I might join my girlfriend at a burlesque show where we’ll watch other girls shimmy out of their clothes. Or, skulk around my apartment and play games with my kitten and her toy mouse. Drink red wine, or perhaps just some tea. Boil like a lobster in a steamy hot bath, or get drunk at a bar then stagger home through the wintry cold.

And you? What is the state of your heart today?

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