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Haste Makes Waste

March 19, 2009

A friend and I were talking about our jobs: loving work, hating work, deciding where we want to work. She sounded impatient for change, eager to jump, desperate for something new. I pointed out that perhaps amidst millions of lay-offs, it might be a good idea to wait and see, hold onto what she’s got, and plot a careful course of action.

“I want to quit now now now!” she insisted.

“Beware the temptation to chew your leg off to escape the office trap,” I replied. “You’ve seen those foxes in PETA ads. They look super sad to be three-legged.”

She liked this so much, largely because of how disgusting it sounds, how crass and icky and out of character for me, that she made me promise to use it in a story one day. I don’t have a good story to go with it just yet, and so I posted it here as a quaint little anecdote instead.

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