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Haunted After All?

April 1, 2009


It seems perhaps, I am haunted after all. For a week, my sleep has been showered by strange, anxious, angry things, and I awake feeling like something went down while I was out–a battle or fight, a tussle, accident or crime, but I can’t remember the details.

At last, I am past the heartbreak that plagued early winter. This haunting, it’s not that. Fuck. Finally. I am so tired of feeling sad and icky. I am excited to have a little colour back in my cheeks.

A friend tells me she, too, has been haunted the past several weeks. It seems there’s a lot of this going around. Her ghost is confounding, frustrating, stale and tormenting. Meaner than a gnat, tougher to grasp than fog, more cunning than a fox. She is haunted by something crummy. It perches on her shoulder like a parrot on a pirate, yapping in her ear while she goes about her day.

Yesterday during the hours and hours of rain, worms splayed themselves on the sidewalk. They were skinny, twig-thin, like they’d hibernated in frozen soil with nothing to eat. This made me realise I have no idea how worms work! Do they sleep through winter and awake come spring? Or, are they planted like bulbs in autumn to emerge for the first time, born from thawed dirt? On the pavement they met their demise, but even a worm massacre was somehow hopeful. Dead worms! Springtime! Yes.

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  1. Becca permalink
    April 10, 2009 4:07 pm

    Heh. I always wondered about the worms until I made myself a worm compost bin last year and had to read everything there was to read about my worms. The reason they come out when it rains is because worms can drown. If the ground gets to waterlogged they have to escape from the dirt so they don’t drown to death. Unfortunately for them, it usually still means death by human feet trying to race their way out of the rain. Worms won’t come out any other time because they’re sensitive to light.

    Anywho, a little more information than you wanted I’m sure 🙂

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