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Search and Rescue

May 2, 2009

I was the new kid, so new that my smile had yet to win me friends. The girl next door was trying her hand at ennui, and was often groggy and shiftless. Together, we laughed until we grew breathless and the sound ran out. I was the nudge that broke her inertia, suggested activities to which she would agree, “yeah, we could do that.” And then we would.

Caught one evening in a miserable rain, we cut through the half-built houses bordering our neighbourhood, retrieving worms from puddles, and carrying them to safety. Water pooled deeply along the flat prairie roads, making the ground no place for our crawling charges. The clear solution: get the worms indoors.

We made our way home, scoops of fleshy noodles in our icy hands, but when at last we stood dripping in the shelter of my porch, we discovered the worms had retreated up our sleeves. Neither she nor I had felt them slither up our chilly forearms. We shook and plucked and left the worms to find their way in the night, then huddled together on the couch waiting to dry. Toweled heads slumped into cushions, we lapsed into sleep just before morning.

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    May 8, 2009 6:38 am


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