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Sunday School

May 2, 2009

School was out, but on Sundays we learned lessons like any other day of the week. These ones seemed special somehow, like things that couldn’t be taught on a Tuesday, for instance. Their resonance came directly from Sunday.

My brother learned that homework ought to be taken care of when it was assigned, not crammed in the closet beneath action figures and underpants and forgotten till the weekend was nearly gone.

I learned not to sleep over at Brenda’s house on Saturday night because come morning, I would be hoisted into a crunchy dress and trundled off to church before her mother would drive me home. More importantly, I learned that unlike at my house, her family did not consider the words “Jesus Christ” a complete sentence.

I tried to be on my best behaviour, but like slipping on a banana peel, it would begin with something small (dropping a blob of glue at craft time) then turn into a total wipe-out (forgetting to swap ck for the pair of l’s, and coming out with hell). Her mom would overhear and blam, I would get the pursed lips, the crossed arms, the phone call home.

What did I learn from that? Look both ways before swearing.

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  1. looka permalink
    May 8, 2009 6:36 am

    Craft time? That banana looks like a decent watchband!

    And your brother seems like a fun guy! I was doing my homework on monday mornings next to breakfast
    In the beginning… after the notes came in and sunday turned into “train the school walk runway”.


    “nolet” good, fitting captcha-word.

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