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Bad Decisions

May 27, 2009

Hooking up with a boyfriend who had his own apartment when I was sixteen.

Saying, “Hell, yes, I’ll be right over!” when Ted offered me a free tattoo in exchange for letting him practice.

Body piercing. Enough said.

Leaving the party dishes till morning.

Applying for a credit card.

Hatching brunch plans as we watch the sun rise. “We’ll stay up all night, then go to the diner for bacon and eggs. It will so rock!” Ugggghhhhh…famous last words.

Sticking a finger through the cage bars.

Accepting a date while my gut commanded me to chew my own leg off to get out of the trap. “Run, run, run!” my belly said. “Oh, come on now, relax, belly, how bad could he be?” I replied. It seems I would soon find out!

Leggings, halter tops, and feathered hair.

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