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Day Five – Accepting Speed

August 14, 2009

The boat situation is not as complicated as it seems. Once you’re on the island, you simply ask around and the “secrets” are revealed–no, water taxis are not necessary to access this island hideaway; no, it is not impossible to transport a bicycle from mainland to island; no, it is not staggeringly expensive to zip back and forth for supplies.

And so, I get up early-early, rush home, fetch my bike, make it back to the dock in record time (15 minutes, all downhill, so great!) and by 11 a.m., my island situation is profoundly changed. At first, I swore I would accept the bike-free state of affairs and the island’s lack of speed, but have admitted it’s so much better this way. A bicycle opens up my days to fact-finding missions that no longer feel like sneaky procrastination (like yesterday’s three-hour walk). And, after dark, solo excursions to remote locations no longer feel creepy.

Crickets. Tick-tick-ticking bicycle wheels. Crickets. Me.

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