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Day Ten – A Sense of Urgency

August 17, 2009

A handful of residents have checked out–people who’d been here weeks and weeks (even months and months) before I arrived, and who’d been part of the island landscape since my Day One. Liz, who was in the kitchen at the same time as me, no matter which meal, no matter what time of day. Guy, whose morning conversations were important in several quiet ways. Ron and Aiuko, whose apartment-hunting finally dropped a lovely place on the mainland into their laps.

With only a handful of my own island days remaining, a sense of urgency taps my shoulder. I’ve ditched my small, dithering projects to focus on a children’s story, a project I couldn’t articulate till now. I’ve drafted a map so that as the story comes together, I don’t forget where the rollercoaster is located relative to the midway, or how long it would take a character to walk on short legs from the Lost Children booth to the ferry dock. The characters have also been plugged into the map at the starting line, little Xs marking the location of each kid when the action kicks off.

I’m determined not to let the story drift once I return home to everyday things–the office and its tedious demands, the apartment and its various chores, the summer and its languidly tempting weather, the gentleman I’ve just met and his awesome smile, my lady posse and their invitations to laughter and wine–and am determined (for real), to retain some island momentum…

…we shall see, we shall see…I know I can manage most of those things and that some, in fact, will provide fresh momentum of their own…

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