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Dear Adrienne…

August 19, 2009

Dear Adrienne,

Jo and I have received your email regarding your slightly tardy arrival time this evening, and would like to assure you this is just fine. It is better to see you at 6 p.m., rather than not at all. But, it seems right to advise you of the following:

I will reach the island a full hour ahead of you, for our reunion evening, which affords us sixty minutes for mischief. We will poke our fingers in the toppings on your portion of the pizza, and sneak looks at your letters in Scrabble. We might also talk about that time you filled your shoes with sand and your head with brandy then tried to kick out the campfire, but don’t worry–it shall remain just between us that when you subtract, you say “take-away”, and that you spilled your plastic cup of wine at the beach. Though sorely tempted, I swear I won’t post any of that stuff online.

See you tonight!

Love from,
Amanda and Jo

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