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Be Her, or Be With Her?

August 29, 2009

When this video was released, it received nearly constant play on the local Top Ten video hits show. I wonder why…heh.

I was eleven, and it confused me more than anything I’d seen in my life. All those ladies. With ladies’ parts and such. Right out there for looking at, but kinda tucked into weird swimsuits. And the massage part–jesus! I remember watching the video in the rec room TV at my cool aunt’s house, and her walking in on me and gasping, “Oh my god! What are you watching?! Don’t tell your mother you saw this at my house!”

Along with Molly Ringwald, the girl in my class with long legs and really great blue satin tights, and a poster advertising lip gloss at the drug store, this video was central to the wrestling match in my head–did I want to be these cute, sassy girls? Or, did I want to be with them? Have their long, lanky legs, or touch their long, lanky legs?

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