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Other Important Points in Picking Up Girls

October 10, 2009


Part Three: a very special dating brochure fell into my hands, and it was just too good to keep to myself.

So, in previous posts, we covered the art of the pick-up line, according to “How You Can Pick Up & Turn On Girls!” If you’re just catching this series now, you really ought to go back a few days to where it all starts–jumping ahead could result in dire errors and lost opportunities!



“After using your best line (“can you help me?”) get your first name out. Tell her your name first. If you have a first name that is not easy to pronounce or understand, say “well, my friends call me…” and invent a simpler nickname. Build your presentation around the “can you help me?” line, but be creative. Take a good look at the girl you want to approach then in your mind create a situation that is interesting, then go in for the rewards. If you are in a bar or at a dance, say to her, “Pardon me but could you tell me where there is a nice place a gentleman could go after this place closes to have a decent meal?” Of course, it is only natural to invite her to join you later at the recommended place!


In the normal course of conversation with a girl, the subject of what you do for a living comes up. Make yourself a manager or director, even a supervisor of something. Give yourself a title. When you first meet a girl, you’re the only one that knows your true work, and if you make yourself the manager, who will know the difference? You can condition her after a few meetings towards the idea that “after a couple go together and begin to care for each other, it’s really the person that counts, not what they do for a living!” In your own sweet time, you can disclose your true work.”


Perfect! Yes! Everyone knows that after a couple goes together, it’s not what the man does for a living that counts, and what’s a little lie here and there? Who gives a damn where the library is?

But what if the woman asks a lot of questions about the man’s super-exciting work? That could be troublesome, since it would require a roster of lies, and he’d need to remember what he’d invented. Tricky, as time goes on, and no longer just one simple fib about his title. The brochure has this covered. The key is, keep her talking about herself, then she won’t have time to ask too many probing questions about his life. We’ll  get to that tomorrow.

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