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Current Cravings

January 28, 2010

1. grilled cheese sandwich, with a bit too much filling so it oozes out the sides and scorches against the hot pan

2. chocolate-iced doughnut

3. actually, forget the doughnut part, it’s the chocolate frosting I want!

4. an ounce of Armagnac

5. fresh cherries (in season, meaning really I am craving July)

6. really good plain vanilla ice cream

7. a burger topped with Swiss cheese and accompanied by a plate of fries

Rarely do I have such an appetite for heavy, oily, fried, greasy, sugary things. Often, I could eat one or more items listed above; occasionally, I make the effort to locate, purchase, and eat them, too. But all together like that? I blame the fact that it’s been weeks since I spent more than a few minutes in full daylight, wore fewer than three layers (except that one time last week at C.’s apartment, when the heat was up high enough I cruised around in short sleeves), or walked anywhere in a normal gait rather than pumping my arms and rushing along in hopes that by the time I get where I’m going, I’ve achieved room temperature.

Mmmm January.

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