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When Wool Isn’t Warm Enough

February 1, 2010

On Saturday night, I invited two friends to my place for cocktails, then we decided to hit the town. My apartment is tiny, and we jostled in the tiny vestibule, pulling on coats and boots, gloves, hats and scarves. It was cold, in my opinion unacceptably so, and long after my friends were ready to go, I was still layering on the sweaters, extra socks, trying (and failing) to look classy and pretty beneath enough clothing it bulked me up about twenty sizes, like the Grinch’s heart bloating in his chest.

“What?!” I asked, crossing my arms, “It’s minus a million! I am too small for Canada! I need layers or I’ll freeze solid out there and die!”

“Don’t worry, Luke,”  K. assured me, “I’ve got the Tauntaun outside. We’ll cut it open and you can ride to the bar in its guts.”


(Hooray! A tauntaun “with open belly rescue feature” is for auction on eBay. Boooo! It’s already tagged at $700 (USD)

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