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February 16, 2010

My brother used to scoff at TV shows where people got shot. “Pffft,” he’d say in his six-year-old lisp, “if that was me, I would just not stand there. I would step out of the way.” Not understanding that special effects had slowed down the bullet and slowed down time, and that in real life that cowboy would’ve been whizzed down in his tracks in a split-second.


I used to wish you could snap your fingers and create a little window in the air (the granddad invention to Internet pop-up windows), and it would work like special goggles or something, so another person could see the world how you did. Like, what if your idea of green and mine aren’t the same? That was my answer to grand philosophical questions about identity and meaning and language and perception.

As an adult, I still appreciate the practical and abstract applications of that viewer.


(inspired by this post.)

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