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Cottage Day 1: Market/ Beaver

August 6, 2010

Shopping for everything we need, to last the next eight days. Busy beavers at the busiest market on the busiest morning on the busiest weekend of the year. People around us not really shopping, more like touring the beef and cheddar. “Look, Bob, that burger there says it comes from moose! Take my picture next to it, will you, please, Bob?”

Our mantra becomes “let go relax let go relax let go relax…”

The market is the first test in not-freaking-out. Fetching things to free us from the crowds while we hang out in the woods for a week.

Then, into the car, onto the road, up the highway, through the last town, up the sideroad, down the drive, and into the cottage. Unloading the car, stretching our legs, unfurling the chaise-longue. Snug like beavers in a dam, the rest of the world blind to our well-concealed entrance.

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