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Cottage Day 5: Raft/ Ducks

August 6, 2010

Best $7.49 spent this summer!

Use only under competent supervision! Swimmers only! Pay attention to currents! No pretection against drowning!

I consider my self duly warned, then pass the next three days bobbing in the lake aboard an air mattress, purchased during a town-run (which itself was prompted by a shortage of tomatoes for fresh salsa and butter in which to slather our breakfast).

Over wine spritzers and afternoon snacks, we’re visited by a brown duck and her overgrown teenage ducklings who look slightly ridiculous, nearly the same size as their mother but still gathered into a clutch and grazing carelessly close to where we sit. This is, after all, hunting country. The mother positions herself between us and them. We watch and listen as their bills snip blades of grass from the shore and their leathery feet paddle up to our dock. But, never for an instant do we believe she is befriending us; rather, it’s quite clear: “Move a muscle and I will drive my adorable orange duck bill into your forehead, knocking you cold. Then, my children and I will continue our circumnavigation of Bitter Lake at a leisurely pace while you sink to its muddy bottom.”

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