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Much Ado About Nothing

September 19, 2010

Indeed, it was agonizing, but ultimately not as awful as I thought, watching myself on TV. Curious onlookers, interested parties and ambulance chasers can tune in here for all the gorey details (we’re the one about the guinea pig). On camera, I’d have dearly loved to call one participant a fucktard, poke another in the eye for repeating “it’s all about keepin’ it real, ya know?” like a deranged mantra, and shaken the hand of a third for playing the consummate diplomat. But instead, I let the valley girl remarks slide, restrained my co-hostess from punching a guest’s lights out (though I did joke in the kitchen that maybe once the mics were packed up for the night, we could roll him in the alley out back), and took pleasure in the generous conversations we had with the crew.

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