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Butter = Warmth

September 29, 2010

According to the Ayurvedic practitioner I once paid to probe my pulses and decipher my constitution, butter is important. It adds warmth.

Conversely, she cautioned, sugar equates with danger. A red flag of sorts. The DEW Line of the heart. A craving for sweets or a dependency on sugar to feels sated means there is a lack of sweetness in one’s life.

I think birthdays are excused from that category. Yesterday was my nephew’s second birthday party, at which me, my family, and a posse of toddlers treated cupcakes like a food group and chased the frosting with handfuls of corn chips, weird organic cheese doodles, and plenty of salty guacamole. There is nothing quite as terrifying as a two year-old wielding a chip dipped three times in booger-green sauce, nor is there anything quite as amazing as watching them all get a second (or third, or fourth) wind after a cupcake-licking race.

Today, I gave up morning pastries for two weeks, thereby chopping out the main delivery route for butter and sugar. I figured I banked a year’s worth at the party. And so, to stave off the approaching cold weather I added a chunk of butter to the apple sauce I made from scratch. No one likes a September chill, after all.

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