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2011: Oh My Aching Head!

January 2, 2011

Despite an early-evening declaration that New Year’s Eve would not devolve into a flat-out piss-up…alas, it did. And, in the company of Z., A., other A., and J., it was wonderful. Until I woke up January 1st and took stock. How does it feel when pink champagne, bourbon, plain champagne, gin, and scotch careen around one’s skull? If not for the excellent company and excellent toasts and sweet conversations and midnight kisses of the aforementioned friends, probably it would feel like pure hell.

Instead, I threw off the blankets (at 3:45 PM), showered and changed into presentable clothes (nothing fancy, mind you, but the sort of thing that’s at least ok to leave the house wearing, unlike the tracksuit/ pyjama/ shirt from the night before combo I was rocking when I got out of bed) and headed to A.’s annual Psychic Brunch, blanket crinkles not yet steamed from my face.

A pail of Advil, a sip of caesar, two fried egg sandwiches, a fistful of bacon and 2011 was officially under way.

(More re: Psychic Brunch to come…but now, you must excuse me while I tend to New Year’s Resolution #1: yoga every day.)


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