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The Avalanche of Good Shit

January 2, 2011

Festive outfits for everyone!

I think this is turkey short-hand for “not quite right”, but it trussed up like a champ, withstood hours of roasting and basting, and was quickly devoured with a side of mashed parsnip and cranberries infused with cloves and orange.

A gift from my nephew, who is 2, and who insisted THIS was the reindeer for Aunt Sissy despite its ill-stitched mouth. Frankly, it was an apt present considering the pissy attitude with which I approached the holiday season this year. More than a passing resemblance between us.

Bubbly uncorked to toast the backside of 2010.

The CLINK that started the trouble.

The bourbon we stuffed in our pockets and enjoyed while we strolled.

The way we looked come midnight or thereabouts.

The laugh with which I promised myself to let last year go and make this one the sort of year I really need.

The place the gin came from…

…and the part where the evening fell off the rails.

The bedhead I awoke with, and sporting which I left the house.

The sandwiches that saved the day. Yes, I ate both.


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