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Ladylike Lady

May 10, 2011

Yesterday, while entering and exiting my boss’s truck while on a road trip to visit some clients, I suspect I flashed him no fewer than six times. In my defence, it was a very tall truck, too tall for a lady wearing a skirt to get into and out of again without a struggle, and impossible to achieve without baring a few inches of thigh too many. And, it was windy. And, it was a slightly swishy skirt, the best choice in my closet for packing in a bag then putting on the next day and not looking like it was the morning after the night before.

At this point, to be VERY clear, my boss had NOTHING to do with the overnight stay, the morning after,  the selection of clothing, or anything else even remotely untoward. I just think this bears explicit mention, since the other day I was reading a food blog wherein the author reminisced about a family friend and a favoured dish she remembers him preparing, and all along I was thinking, “oh dear, it sounds like he’s dead, that’s really awfully sad!” And around the same point in reading the blog post that I started wondering when and how he died, the author caught herself, and noted “oh, I’m writing about him like he’s dead! which he’s not!” Similarly, having realised it sounds like my boss and I had a sleepover before hitting the road, I  figure if I’m thinking it then so are a handful (or more) of you. Hence, point clarified.

Today, I cycled to work on what might be the first nice morning since last autumn settled in, the first without gloves and stockings, and where, without those gloves and stockings, I didn’t freeze like a pint of ice cream and wish I’d bundled up after all. Midway through my commute, I realised I favour a certain stance at stoplights, one that affords all oncoming motorists, pedestrians and cyclists a view straight up my dress. My old bicycle had a front basket which effectively blocked “the view” from the street. My new one, however, sports a rear-model carrier, and it appears my cyclist body language should be revised.

And, this evening, stalking up my street, really just plain done for the day…done with secretary clothes, done with carrying a big bag of reports slung over my shoulder, done with being busy, done with taking calls, done with absolutely everything except getting home right now, and, done with cycling over potholes, so I was pushing my bike and walking alongside…I realised my shoulderbag was chafing against the weave of my skirt and had twisted the skirt around backward, zipper and pouffy tailoring where my bum was supposed to fit instead riding up front. For all I know, I walked around like that for most of the day. Though, I suppose “backward” is an improvement over “whipped up over my knees” and/ or “yanked up astride a bike seat for all the world to see up.”

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  1. princess Jessica permalink
    May 12, 2011 5:48 pm

    awesome. I myself have been wandering around a very windy bit of coastline in a knee-length wedding gown, and I’m sure also flashing everyone all sorts of inappropriate things 😛

    • welltailored permalink*
      May 12, 2011 6:18 pm

      I think that’s on the list of things you are officially allowed to do once you’re a married woman. Like how once you become really, really wizened and old, you’re allowed to speak your mind without being thought an a-hole.

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