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June 5, 2011

The other day, I got stuck in a downpour so heavy the water squelched out the tops of my shoes with each step, and I left little wet footprints on the floor when I removed my heels and shucked my ruined stockings like banana skins. Today, I stuck to the shade and cooled my feet by rubbing them in the grass, tearing up blades and releasing a bit of leftover rain. There is a nifty triange in the shape of my blouse sunburned into my chest, and I suspect my nose is a different shade than my throat. I arrived home from a three-hour walk entirely sweaty, rather stinky, and with blisters in three spots on each foot. All of this is wonderful.

I’ve been ducking writing for months, to reset things in preparation for a short stay at a residency in early July. Stockpiling ideas, shedding the dead ones, letting go of the stories I loved and really, really wanted to write but which didn’t come out sounding so hot, for good reason — because those stories were, on paper, rather bad.

The hot day coaxed out the people, and made for excellent watching of others’ eccentricities (and, I can only hope they took similar pleasure from observing mine). A lot of what I saw today is headed for a story in due course. A story that may, or may not, be headed for this site. We shall see what July brings…

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